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Alumni of the L.T.M.G. Hospital & L.T.M.M.C. may register by E-mailing us. Those who choose to register will receive further information regarding various developments of the Institute and events being hosted by a company that is our partner in providing excellent writing services specifically for our conference members. Therefore, we will be happy to answer all your questions, below we will attach the necessary data that should be indicated in the letter, as well as correctly indicate the subject of the letter since the majority of letters are requests to write my nursing paper for me from company students since that is where the writing experts in this fieldwork. 

Please include the following details in your E-mail:

Ø      Complete Name (Last Name, First Name)

Ø      Title (Mr./Mrs./Miss.)

Ø      Date of Birth

Ø      Year of Graduation from L.T.M.M.C.

Ø      Year of Post graduation from L.T.M.G. Hospital

Ø      Year of Departure from the Institute

Ø      Specialty

Ø      Present Designation

Ø      Present Institute

Ø      Present Address

Ø      Telephone Number

Ø      Fax Number

Ø      E-Mail Address


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