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Dr. Anagha R. Joshi (nee. Kale)

Date of Birth


6th March 1967




Present Designation


Associate Professor & Consulting Radiologist --Department of Radiology LTMG Hospital & LTM Medical College


Working Experience:


Resident Medical Officer


April 1990 to August 1992 (2.5 Years)

Lecturer Radiology


August 1992 to mid-August 1998 (6 Years)

Associate Professor


Mid August 1998 onwards


(All the above posts were done at LTM Medical College & LTMG Hospital, Sion, and Mumbai)


Teaching Experience:




February 1991 onwards



February 1992 onwards


(This teaching experience is recognized by Mumbai University)


Mumbai university teacher for MX & D.M.R.D


Specialized Training


1.     Visiting fellow at "Rush Presbyterian St-Luke's Medical Centre " Chicago, USA, from May to July I998,in Neuro-radiology

2.     Visiting fellow at "Thomas Jefferson University Hospital" Philadelphia USA, from October to December 1995, in Neuro-radiology

3.     Fellowship at the "Department of Radiology in Medical School Hannover Germany" from 19th July to 15th September 1993. Worked on spiral CT.

4.     Fellowship in the "Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology" in Medical School, Hannover, Germany from 2nd August – 31st August 1993. Emphasis on Duplex and color Doppler.

5.     CT scan "Department P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Bombay", in September 1991 and July 1992.

6.     Workshop/Seminar 1991 organized by "I.R.A. & Royal College of Radiology" Mumbai.



Suprasternal Sonography - an analysis of 25 cases.


Papers & Presentation:  

1.     Suprasternal sonography at the Bi-monthly clinical meeting organized by Maharashtra State branch (IR & IA) in Mumbai, December 1990.

2.     Balloon Dilatation of prostatic urethra imaging. Update organized at Goa in September 1991 by MSRA(IA & IA)

3.     Faculty member in Transvaginal Sonography workshop" organized by Federation of Gynaec & Obst Society of India, In March 1993 at Mumbai.

4.     Neural tube defects, Workshop on Fetal medicine at LTMG Hospital in Feb 1994

5.     Utility of 3D CT in complex musculo-skeletal trauma at the 48* Annual Congress of the Indian Radiology & Imaging Association in January 1995 at Mumbai.

6.     Utility of 3D CT in complex musculo-skeletal trauma at Tamilnadu Hospital, madras in May 1995 in CME.

7.     Faculty member and presented a paper "Recent advances in Gastrointestinal radiology" at the Pathology-Gastrointestinal workshop in Feb 1997 in Mumbai.

8.     Guest Speaker and presented a paper "Role of Radiology in detection of lung cancer" at the 2nd national Workshop/CME on Interventional Bronchology held in December 1997 at Mumbai.

9.     Neurology conference "CNS Disease from India" Rush Presbyterian Chicago, USA.

10. Evaluation of Intervertebral disc, PLIF workshop organized by Neuro Surgery Dept, Mumbai, November 1998

11. Anatomy & Imaging" CME at 46* Annual Conference of Anatomist, at Karad December 1998.

12. "Interpretation of common Pathologies on chest & abdominal Radiograph" guest lecture Annual Raigad District Consultant Association, Jan 1999.

13. Signs and Patterns on HRCT Chest, MSRA Conference at LTMGH &. LTMMC, Sion, December 2001

14. 'Neuro Imaging Modalities' 3rd National Conference Indian Society of Neuro Anesthesiology and critical care, Mumbai, January 2002

15. 'CT Angiography & CT Perfusion Advantages Disadvantages and Limitations', Endovascular Workshop at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, March 2002

16. 'Neuro Imaging' Maharashtra NeuroNursing conference at L.T.M. General Hospital & Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, March 2002

17. 'Multislice CT Scan' Annual Staff Research Society Meet at LTMGH on March 2002

18. 'Cardiac CT ' MRI conference , organized by Nanawati Hospital and Indian Radiology Education and Research Trust, Mumbai, March 2002

19. "Paranasal sinus CT Scan", at 1st Basic Endoscopic Sinus Surgery workshop at LTMMC & LTMGH, Sion, Mumbai, March 2002

20. 'Cardiac CT' at the Harnam Singh mid term CME held at AFMC Pune: August 2002.

21. 'Cardiac CT' 26* Regional conference of the M-S.B of 1.R.1.A Sept 2002, at Mumbai

22. 'Cardiac CT' Spiral CT Update October 2002, Goa

23. 'Virtual Colonoscopy' Spiral CT Update October 2002, Goa

24. "HRCT Temporal Bone Anatomy" Symposium on Temporal Bone at the 56th National Conference of Radiology (IR & IA) at Jaipur-2003

25. "HRCT Temporal Bone Pathologies" Symposium on Temporal Bone at the 56th National Conference of Radiology (IR & IA) at Jaipur-2003

26. Preferred Papers at the 56th National Radiology Conference (IR& IA) Indian Radiology Conference at Jaipur-2003

a.          Isotropic imaging of the temporal bone using Multislice spiral CT in trauma patients

b.          Role of CT in the evaluation of hepatic masses. A study of 50 cases

c.          Virtual Colonoscopy: our experience

d.          CT Angiography of extra and intra cranial vasculature performed with multislice Spiral CT

e.          Role of multislice CT extremity angiography in trauma.

f.           Oar experience in CT virtual bronchoscopy using a multislice CT scanner

27. Virtual Colonoscopy, Confluence Conference arranged by Magnum MRI at Mumbai in 2003

28. Temporal bone CT at Rush Presbyterian St Luke's Hospital, Noon Resident lecture programme, July 2003 Chicago, USA.

29. HRCT and Interstitial Lung Disease: Hamam Singh mid term CME of Indian College of Radiology held at Ahmcdabad by Gujarat Branch in September 2003

30. Role of CT in Gastrointestinal Diseases: Hamam Singh mid term CME of Indian College of Radiology held at Ahmedabad by Gujarat Branch in September 2003

31. Virtual Colonoscopy Guest speaker Symposium on Gastro Intestinal Tract, 37th National Conference of Radiology (K & IA) at Hyderabad 2004

32. HRCT Temporal Bone Confluence Conference in Tata Auditorium Mumbai 2004 April

33. Neurovacular CT angiography and CT Perfusion Confluence Conference in Tata Auditorium Mumbai 2004 April



1.     Role of HRCT in etiology of spontaneus Pneumothorax, in XTVth National Congress on Respiratory diseases in Pune, December 1994.

2.     The 48th Annual Radiology Congress of the Indian Radiology & Imaging Association, January 1995, at Mumbai.

Base skull fractures, CT evaluation & clinical outcome

High resolution CT of Temporal Bone Trauma.

Chest CT Scan in 15 patients with pyrexia of unknown origin

3.     The Iliac vessel - Urethral complex: Defination, Diagnostic Criteria & significance at the national conference (I.R.A.) in Jan 1993 at Madras.

Poster Presentation:

1.     48th Annual Congress of Radiology & Imaging Association, January, 1995

2.     Third National Neurofrauma conference, August 1994, Mumbai. CT Scan in blow out fractures of orbit 3D CT in dorsolumbar injuries Bullet injury cervico-dorsal region

3.     Advanced Spiral CT Conference, September 2001, Goa, Vein of Galen Aneurysm.

4.     56th Indian Radiology Conference at Jaipur-2003

a.          CT Angiography in Transient Ischemic Attacks

b.          Role of MSCT in Non-Traumatic SAH

c.          CT Perfusion in Cerebral Ischaemia

d.          Ossicular Chain Disruption: Role of MSCT

e.          Role of MSCT: Extremity Angiography in Trauma

f.           CT scan Angiography of Extra and Intra Cranial Vasculature performed with MSCT

5.     57th Indian Radiology Conference at Hyderabad 2004—Calcium scoring



1.     Angioembolization for traumatic hepatic hemorrhage, Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol 36, No. 2, 1994

2.     Chondroblastoma - A tumor at upper tibia! epiphyses, case report, Bombay Hospital Journal.

3.     CT Findings of intraventricular metastases to the brain, case report, Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 36, No. 4,1994

4.     Book Review, Indian Journal of Radiology, page 79, VoI-3, No.2, May 1993, Introduction to radiologic technique by Levame Gurley & William J.

5.     Glucagonoma Syndrome, Indian Journal of Dermatology, Vol. 43 (2) ,43—46, 1998

6.     Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, JAPI, 1999, Vol 47, No. 6,649-650

7.     An Unusual case of misplaced intrauterine contraceptive device, Bombay Hospital Journal Vol.42, No. 3,2000.

8.     Role ofHRCT Chest in etiology of spontaneous Pneumothorax, Lung India, Vol XVm, No. 4, 116-119,2001.

9.     Case Report "Periventricular Leucomalacia (PVL) as seen on CT caused due to HIE or Pyogenic meningitis, Bombay hospital Journal, Vol. 44, No. 4, Oct 2002,699-701

10. Virtual Bronchoscopy using Multislice CT scan scanner: Early Clinical Experience Asian Oceanian Journal of Radiology, Vol.7, No.4, October-December 2002, 217- 223

11. Gossypiboma: An Avoidable Surgical Error, Asian Oceanian Journal of Radiology, Vol.7, No.4, October-December 2002,227-228

12. Role ofMultislice CT in Cerebral Perfusion, Bombay hospital Journal, Vol. 45, No. 2, 2003, 306-309.

13. Role of multidetector CT Scan Virtual Bronchoscopy in the evaluation of Post- tracheostomy Tracheal stenosis - A Preliminary study: Journal of Association Of Physicians of India, Vol.51, September 2003, pg. 871-876

14. Caroli's Syndrome with Medullary sponge kidney and Portal hypertension... Features of Caroli's syndrome: Case Report and Review of literature. Bombay hospital Journal, 2003; Vol. No. 45(3), 488-491.

15. Multislice CT Virtual Colonoscopy in evaluation of Large Bowel Lesions: A Pictorial Essay and Review of Literature-Asia Oceanian Journal of Radiology, Vol No. 4, October-December, 2003

16. Tuberculous Mastoiditis: Case Report—Indian Journal of Otolarngygology and Head Neck Surgery Vol.54 No. 4, October-Dec 2002

17. CT Cerebral Angiography- Utility as a screening tool in patients with SAH. Bombay Hospital Journal 2003; Vol 45 (4), 620-622.

18. Virtual bronchoscopy for diagnosis of inhalation inj ury in burnt patients-BURNS Journal 30(2004), 165-168

19. LTMG group explores virtual colonoscopy for TB—Aunt Minnie on 3/12/2004

20. Role of MSCT chest and Virtual Bronchoscopy in suspected foreign body inhalation-Bombay Hospital Journal Vol.46, No.l, 2004,68-70

21. GUT Stromal Tumour -Presenting as pain in the abdomen— Bombay Hospital Journal Vol.46, No.l, 2004, 61-63

22. Diffuse Parenchymal Pulmonary Amyloidosis-Case Report and Review of Literature Bombay Hospital Journal Vol.46, No. 1,2004,75-77


1.     Case Report anomolous origin of both the vertebral arteries from arch of aorta after the origin of left subclavian artery—American Journal of Neuroradiology

2.     Peripheral CT Scan Angiography- Indian Journal of Radiology

3.     Peristent Hypoglossal Artery, Neurology India

4.     Oriental Infarct Bombay hospital Journal



Smt. Indu Deshpande prize for standing first at M.D. Examination, Bombay University, 1993.(Gold Medal)

Dr. B D'Monte prize, Highest marks at D.M.R.E., college of Physicians and Surgeons of Bombay, 1992 (Gold Medal)

Dr. Menino D'Souza prize, Best all round student L.T.M.M. College, Mumbai, 1989.

P.S.M. Competitive Examination, First prize, 1988-89.

Hargobind Scholar -1998.



National ranking table tennis player. Represented at University, State & national levels.


Address for communication

Dr. Aragha Joshi

C-5 Asavari, 214 -Veer Savarkar Marg,

Mahim, Mumbai-40O 016

Email Address

[email protected]


(+91 22) 446 1254

Cell Number

98212 77827