Past faculty members:

Dr. K.P.Dave :

Ex Head of the dept of Psychiatry of L.T.M.M.College.

(2/8/1971 till 31/8/2001)

Dr.Mrs D.A.Desousa

Ex Head of department

Past Post Graduate students :

Dr. Kiran Rele, Dr.Ruta K.Rele, Dr. Kedar Kale, Dr. Sejal Kale,

Dr. Rajesh Mohalkar are working as consultants in different universities in U.K

Dr. Purvesh Madhani , Dr. Soumya Hegde,

Dr. Shibani Mundra, Dr. Anuradha Menon are working as S.H.O’s at U.K.

Dr. Vidya Krishnan, Dr. Farida Rassiwala are working as residents at U.S.A.

Dr. Aparna Menon is on Advisory Board  at Protek Ltd.(Cipla)

Dr. O.P. Raichand Is Lecturer at Jabalpur Medical College.