Dr. Nilesh  B. Shah


Date & Place of Birthday: 12th December 1961, Mumbai, India.


Sex: Male


Nationality: Indian


Address: Residence: 171, Sahakar Nivas; 20, Tardeo Road; Mumbai 400 034

               Telephone: 494 39 72.   E-mail:


Maharashtra Medical Council: 53896

Registration Number              

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Academic Qualifications                                                                             





Year of Passing


Seth G.S.Medical College

KEM Hospital

University of Mumbai



Seth G.S.Medical College

KEM Hospital

University of Mumbai



Seth G.S.Medical College

KEM Hospital

University of Mumbai



L.T.M.M.College and


Delhi Board





Work Experience






House Officer (Psychiatry)

Dr.R.N.Cooper Hospital

1.2.85     to   31.7.85

House Officer (Psychiatry)


1.8.85     to   14.2.86

House Officer (Medicine)


15.2.86   to   31.7.86

Registrar (Psychiatry)

Dr.R.N.Cooper Hospital

1.8.86     to   31.7.87

Registrar (Psychiatry)


1.8.87     to   31.7.88

Lecturer (Psychiatry)


13.10.88 to   24.2.94

Assoicate Professor (Psychiatry)


25.2.94   to   24.1.01

Professor (Psychiatry)


25.1.01   till today

Professor & Head (Psychiatry)


1.2.01     till today






Teaching and Examiner


Teaching experience: From 1.8.86 till today


Undergraduate 2nd and 3rd year Medical students

Postgraduate - DPM, MD & DNB students

Social Work – BSW and MSW students TISS, Nirmala Niketan

Nursing – B.Sc. Nursing students


Recognized Teacher for DPM and MD(Psychiatry): From 1.8.93 till today

University of Mumbai & MUHS




DPM – College of Physicians and Surgeons (Parel University)

DPM & MD(Psychiatry) examinations – Gujarat University, South Gujarat University

DPM & MD(Psychiatry) examinations – University of Bombay

DPM & MD(Psychiatry) examinations – Goa University

M.Sc. (Occupation Therapy) – University of Mumbai




Have about 50 publications in various journals








Have received

Best Paper Awards of Bombay Psychiatry Society,

Best Paper Award of Indian Psychiatric society (Western Zonal Branch) and Shantiniketan Award of   Association of Industrial Psychiatry.




Have presented more than 100 papers/lectures at various conferences, seminars, symposiums.


Research Work


Have participated in around 15 research projects and drug trials.


Some of the recent projects

  1. Lamotrigine in bipolar mood disorder – (International multicentric -ICH/GCP Trial)
  2. Risperidone in Acute Manic Episode and as maintenance therapy for bipolar mood disorder (International multicentric -ICH/GCP Trial)
  3. Verdenafil in erectile dysfunction (National multicentric -ICH/GCP Trial)
  4. Dothiapine in patients of  IBS and Depression (Collaborative trial)
  5. Donepezil in ECT induced cognitive deficit
  6. Musculoskeletal morbidity associated with unmodified ECT
  7. Atomoxetine in ADHD
  8. Duloxetine in depression


Office Bearers


Treasurer - Bombay Psychiatric Society.

Executive council member - Bombay Psychiatric Society.

Secretary - Indian Psychiatric Society (Western Zonal Branch)

Executive council member - Indian Psychiatric Society (Western Zonal Branch)

Chairperson CME Committee - Indian Psychiatric Society (Western Zonal Branch)

Vice-President and President of Bombay Psychiatric Society 

Member of Medical Education and Technology -Cell, L.T.M.Medical College.

Member of Ethics Committee – L. T. M. Medical College and Hosptial.







List of Publications



1.Vihang Vahia, Smita Ganla, Harish Shetty, Nilesh Shah (1986). Newer Antidepressants. Continuing Medical Education – Indian Psychiatric Society, IV, 119-130.


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7. Gautam Allahabadia, Nilesh Shah (1992) Begging Eunuchs of Bombay. Lancet, 339, . 48-49.


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