1.     A study of quality of services offered to the inpatients of L. T. M. General Hospital funded by Swachata Nyas.

2.     “KISHORI” Adolescent Empowerment Project at Urban Health Centre Dharavi. It is funded by UNICEF / FOGSI. It is a multidisciplinary project involving department of P.S.M., Gynecology Obstetric and Medicine.

3.     Reproductive health profile of women in two urban slum communities in Mumbai-Lotus colony, Govandi & Ramabai  nagar, Chembur. In collaboration with  an NGO, CORO  (Committee of Resource Organization) & Mac Arthur International Foundation.

4.     Pulse Polio Immunization Program (PPI-1) 1997-98

5.     Pulse Polio Immunization Program (PPI-2)1998- 99

6.     Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization Program (PPI-3)1999-2000

7.     Family Health Awareness Campaign (FHAC-1)1999

8.     Family Health Awareness Campaign (FHAC-2) (Coverage & Process) 2000-01

9.     Integrated Disease Surveillance Program: Barriers in Surveillance Activities in 3 states (pilot-FGDs) 2001

10. Concurrent Evaluation of Family Health Awareness Campaign 2002

11. Assessment of Injection Practices in India (Qualitative & Quantitative) 2002-04




1.     Risk reduction regarding HIV / AIDS among the prison inmates of Arthur Road Jail. In collaboration with MDACS (Mumbai District AIDS Control Society)

2.     Child – to – Child Project funded by Bharat Petroleum.

Child to child programme is conducted in two municipal schools in Dharavi area to impart knowledge to students about common aspects of anemia, diarrhoea, immunization etc. and to recognize, channelize, and harness their potential, so as to motivate them to not only to bring about a change in the quality of their lives, but also that of their families, relatives, neighbours, friends and the larger community. During the health education, an interactive method of instruction is used consisting of ice-breaker game, educational games, role-play, skit, songs drawings, growing green leafy vegetables at home, posters, demonstrations etc.

3.     Evaluation of Universal Immunization Program in India 2004-05