1.     Nuchal Tronschicency & Serum Biochemistry in 1st Trimester screening for Down’s syndrome.

2.     Menosan Trial.

3.     Okasa Gold Trial.

4.     Role of continuous H.R.T. in Menopause.

5.     Comparative study of perinenopausal symptom, serum lipid profile, bone mineral density (B.M.D.) in Women at age of 45 (1st group) natural menopause and (2nd group)

6.     Women having undergone hysterectomy, at the above age of 40 yrs. Placebo controlled trial of Menopause in the relief of menopausal symptoms and the effect of menopause on lipid profile.



1.     Role of Manual Vaccum aspiration and curettage for M.T.P.

2.     Comparison of Injectable Iron-Dextran (4 doses) V/s.  Oral therapy for a period of 4 months in prophylasis of Iron deficiency anaemia.

3.     Role of Low mol wt. Heparia in D.V.T. prevention.

4.     Analysis of D.M.P.A. as F.P.  Method.

5.     Nadkarni's sleeve Resection anastomnosis.

6.     Obstetrics performance in Millenian anamalies at L.T.M.G.H. 5 yrs. study.