1.     Invasive Bacterial Infection Surveilance Extension (IBIS)

2.     Short course amoxyclKn In treatment of non-severe pneumonia (ISCAP trial)

3.     Clostridlum difficile associated diarrhoea. (ICMR project).

4.     Screening ofpregnontwomen's sera for HLA antibodies (SRS).

5.     Rapid detection of Group A Streptococcal antigen from throat swabs. (SRS). t)   Prevalence of serotypes at Streptococcus pneumonias In heathy children

6.     (Wyeth-Lyderte).

7.     Quality control and antimicrobial response. (ICMR). h)  Comparative evaluation of P21 antigen detection by Capture EL ISA and PCR for

8.     diagnosis of HIV-1 Infection In babies bom to HIV positive mothers. (SRS). I)    Isolation and Identification of species of AcSnomycetes from Clntal Specimens.

9.     (ICMR Project).



1.     An intervention for male STO patients in Mumbai. India. (CAPS Project),

2.     Community antimicrobial resistance (CAMR project).

3.     Comparative evaluation of various serological kits for diagnosis of Leptospirosis. (S.R.S)

4.     Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) project. S.R.S.

5.     Celuroxime trial.

6.     Cinical trial on Oipana on hepatitis cases (HCV and HBV)

7.     Punch VaJkal in diabetic foot.