Dr.(Mrs.) M. Mathur

-    Awardee OF AITRP Felowship program of New York University Medical Center, U.S A tram November 2001 to March 2002 in HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hospital Infection Control.

-    Awarded International Scholarship for presentation of paper titled "Estimation of HIV hcidence using serologlcal testing algorithm for recent HIV seroconverslon (STARHS) among men attending STI clinics in Mumbai, India" at Boston in 10th Retrovlrus Conference in February 2003 and presented the paper in person

Dr Uma Tendolkar:

-    NAWOPIA 95 Dr. V. Pankajalakshmi Best Paper Award In Medical Mycology for the year 2001. Silver Jublee National Congress of IAMM, New Delhi, 2001.

-     Five Best Paper Awards at various National and Chapter Conferences (1995 to 2002).

Dr. Anuradha De:

-     Two Best Paper Awards In First and Fifth Maharashtra Chapter Conferences held In Mumbai 1995 and Latur 1999 respectively.