The 55th NATCON of ASI Anatomy Conference was a significant gathering of anatomical researchers and professionals, providing a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and research findings in the field. Several major research projects were showcased during the conference, each adhering to the rigorous standards of the apa case study format. These studies not only contributed to the expanding body of anatomical knowledge but also served as exemplary models of how to present research in a structured and academically rigorous manner according to APA guidelines. The conference underscored the importance of adhering to such standards in disseminating valuable research outcomes to the wider scientific community.



1.     Complication of Dementia registry.

2.     Complications of stroke registry.

3.     Role of C.T.  Scan in Seizures Evaluation.

4.     Neurocengnitive functions in subclinical hypothyroidism.

5.     Drug trial  :  Combination of Amlodipine 5 mg and Ramipril 1.25 in mild to moderate hypertension.

6.     Drug trial  :  Simvastatln in Hypercholesterolemia.

7.     BP Evaluation in Acute Stroke :  Effect on Morbidity and Mortality.

8.     Sepsis in Geriatrics. Patients in MICU.

9.     Study of patients with poisonous snake bite in MICU.

10. Study of patients with Falciparum Malaria in MICU.

11. Sponsors Drugs Projects:

·         Levefloxacin V/S Cipreflejtacin in Urinary tract infection.

·         Quinapril - Efficacy and safety in mild to moderate hyperter sion.

·         Valsartan - Efficacy and safety in mild to moderate hypertension.

·         Losartan post-marketing trial.

12. Colonoscopy and histopathology in patients of saronegative spondyloarthropathy.

13. Effect of pulse Cyclephosphamide on Lung functions in sclerodei

14. Proposed to Take project en H.T. in Pregnancy.

15. Pioglutazone in Type 2 Diabetes, Mellitus.

Effects of IDM-1  on Type 2 Diabetes.  (Dr.M.D.Meulick)

16. Research Project :  (Dr.N.D.Moulick)

·         Nutritional assessment of geriatric patients admitted in general medical wards - correlation with disease spectrum and mortality.  SmmplmtBiitK

·         Study of Clinical Profile of young myocardia infarction patients and correction with various lipid profile parameters.

17. Cadila Disease, secruing in assessment patients. (Dr. Y.A.Gekhale)

18. A double blind placebo control study to assess the role of oxidant stress in prognosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. (Dr. G. C. Rajadhyaksha)

19. A randomised, open label,  comparative multicentered study of varconazole versus conventional Amphotericin B followed by Fluconazole in the treatment of candidemia in Non-netropenic subject,(Dr. G. C. Rajadhyaksha)

20. Randomised single blind study to investigate the safety and efficacy of Allian in blooding disorders.

21. Formulation of criteria for the electrephysiological diagnosis of Acute inflammatory demyolinating polynauropathy in the first week of illness. (Dr. Uma Sundar)

22. Diet in haemodialysis patients.  (Dr. Mukesh Shete)

23. Research Preject in the area of Hypertension/Hyperllpidemia. (Dr.M.E.Yeolekar)

24. Research project in the area «f Infections disease/HIV. (Dr.M.E.Yeel*kar)

25. Hospital acquired Acute Renal Failure.(Dr.N.K.Hase)

26. Diabetic-chronic renal failure.  (Dr.N.K.Hase)

27. Peritoneal membrane-Transport characteristics.(Dr.N.K.Hase)

28. Research Project of Rheumatology  :  (cr.J.L.Oak)

·         Incidence of Infections in patients with SLE.

·         Study of osteoporosis using Dexa scanning in steroid induced osteoporosis.

·         Osteoarthritis : A study of clinical grading by using Woman's Scale.

29. Intracenazole Vs.  flucanezole in candidemia.   (Dr.N.D.Karnik)

30. Brucella Spandylitis.(Dr.Y.A.Gekhale)

31. Correlation of conginitive function with area and calume of involvement in cerebravascular accidents. (Dr.Rosemarie deSouza)

32. Reiman  : Barbo clinical Pasiativa on HIV patient.(Dr.Saminder S

33. Evaluation of various scoring systems.(Dr.Trupti Trivadi)

·         In madating outcome of ICU patients.

·         Rhinecerebral mucemycesls in Pregnancy woman with DKA.

·         Methomoglobinemia : An unusual presentation.

34. Pioglutazone in Type 2 Diabetes,MeUitus.

Effect of IDM-1  on Type-2 Diabetes.(Dr.N.D.Haulick)

35. Nutritional assessment af geriatric patients admitted in genera medical wards - correlation with disease spectrum and raertaliti Completed.  (Dr.N.D.Karnlk)

36. Study af Clinical Profile af yaung myacardlal infarction patiei and carrelatien with various lipid profile parameters : (Dr.N.D.Karnik)

37. Cadilla Disease,  securing in assessment,  patients. (Dr.Y.A.Gekhf

38. A double blind placeba contral study to assess the role of oxidant stress in prognosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. (Dr.G.C.Rajadhyaksha)

39. Clinical trial of Natelinlde to evaluate efficacy and safety ii patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus.(Dr.G.'".Rajadhyaksha)

40. A randomized, open label, comparative multicentred study.

41. Randomized single blind study to investigate the safety and efficacy of Allian in bleeding disorders. (Dr. G. C. Rajadhyaksha)

42. Formulation of criteria for the electrophysiological diagnosis of acute inflammatory demylating polyneuropathy in the first week of illness. (Dr. Uma Sundar).

43. Diet haemodialysis patients. (Dr. Mukesh Shete).

44. Efficacy and safety of IDM-1 on patient with Type 2 Diabetes on the treatment with sulfonyluria – Indus Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (Dr. N. D. Moulick).

45. Correlation of BMI and other parameters to Disability in Osteo-arthritis using WOMAC scale. (Dr. J. L. Oak).

46. Study of Condeinitis sulphate and glucosamine in DA. (Dr. J. L. Oak).

47. Antiphospholipid antibody sundrome and evaluate to different antibodies. (Dr. J. L. Oak).

48. Lipoprotein (a) and Serum Homosysteline levels in young myocardial infarction patients with clinical profile, lipid profile and other biochemical marker. Project completed. (Dr. N. D. Karnik).

49. OPD Vs. Indoor patients – Screening of geomeatric patients cost efficacy. (Dr. Rosemarie DeSouza.

50. Undiagnosed celiac disease in young osteoporotic Indians  - S.R.S. funded project. (Dr. Y. A. Gokhale).

51. Outcome of stroke in Evaluation (Incomplete stroke) in teritiary case centre, in India. (Dr. Y. A. Gokhale).

52. Bone mineral density – Study in osteoarthritis knee. (Dr. Y. A. Gokhale)

53. Early electrodiagnostic features in first week of illness in Guillian Barre Syndrome – Rotary funded project. (Dr. Uma Sundar).

54. Celebral Venous – Thrombosis – efficacy of Nadroparin. (Dr. Uma Sundar).

55. Methyl Prenisolone in severe ARDS in Medical ICU – Case report sent for consideration of publication.

·         Pumonary oedema in a case of vascular mole with hyperthyroidis – JAPI. (Dr. Trupti Trivedi).

·         Pseudohypenathyroidism presenting on attend sensorium Indian Practitioner. (Dr. Trupti Trivedi).

56. Trial of efficacy of Glimeparide/Metformin monotherapy vs. Fixed dose combination of Glimeparide and Metformin. (Dr. Namit Padwal).

57. Study of Losartan + Ramipril combination in mild to moderate Hypertension – Co-investigator with Dr. M. E. Yeolekar).




Dr. N. K. Hase


Evaluation of safety and efficacy of Torsemide in treatement of Oedema.

Malnutrition – Inflammation, arthritis sclerosis in patient with chronic kidney disease.


Dr. N. D. Karnik


Endocrine Manifestations for HIV-AIDS. July 2003 onwards.

Nutritional Assessment of HIV-AIDS. Nov. 2003 onwards.

Coronary Artery Disease:

Correlation of Carotid Intramedia Thickness with coronary Angiograph in patients of coronary Artery Disease.


Dr. Y. A. Gokhale


Celiac disease in Osteoporetic Indian Ongoing Project.


Dr. G. C. Rajadhyaksha


To evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Rosuvastatin in patient of dyslipidemia.

To assess safety and efficacy of Fraxipasin in patients of unstable angio.

To assess safety and efficacy Cefipin in patients of Community acquired pneumonia.


Dr. Uma Sundar


Nerve Condution Velocity in Early GB ongoing Rotary Funded Project.


Dr. Trupti Trivedi


Methylpredniseolon in ARDS – Controlled trial in medical intensive care unit (MICU).

Profile of malaria with Multiorgan Syndrome in MICU.


Dr. Neelam Redkar


Co-investigator for Tersomide in treatment of oedema.


Dr. Jalana Jadhav


Ayurvedic Medicine trial for Rheumatoid Arthritis.