1.     Clinical evaluation of the efficacy and to enability of levocetrizine in comparison to placebo in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

2.     The safety and efficacy of fulI-24 in the treatment of tinnitus (pilot study).

3.     Open comparative randomized prospective clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy & safety of galiflixacin versus roxithromycin versus levofloxacin in the management of upper respriatorytract infections.

4.     Auditory & extraauditory effects of noise stress and underlying mechanisms of its causation in occupation environment of aviation.

5.     Fexofenadine (120mg) double blind study in seasonal allergic rhinitis.

6.     Safety and efficacy of tablet desloratidine (5 mg) once daily for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis.

7.     Single blind randoxized clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of cetrizine FT and comparison with lotatidine and plain cetrizine tablet in seasonal rhinitis.

8.     Double  blind placebo  controlled clinical  trial to assess the efficacy of DECOLGEN day and might tablets in common cold.

9.     A comparative study of fexofenadine versus pheniramine maleate in allergic rhinitis.

10. Clincial evaluation of fexofenadine nasal spray in seasonal allergic rhinitis.

11. Clinical  trial  for  a once  daily  formulation  of loratidme  (10  mg)  and psendoephedrine (240 mg) in patients of allergic rhinitis.

12. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of a fixed dose combination of nimesulide LA and levocetrizine in allergic rhinitis/rhinosinusitis.

13. A multicenter, randomized, double blind, double dummy comparative trial of azithromycin SR vensus amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium (augmentine ES-600) for the treatment of acute otitis media in children undergoing.

14. Evaluation of efficacy of dispernsible cetrizine compared with standard cetrizine in allergic rhinitis.

15. Evaluation of efficacy of betahistine (16 mgO tablets as compared to (8mg) tablets in the management of acute vertigo.



Randomized, double blind, comparative, multicentric clinical trial to assess the safety & efficacy of stemetil (prochlonperazine) vs betahintine or cinnarixine in patients of vertigo.