1. Name                                     Dr. Smita S. Chowkekar

2. Address                                  104, Natasha Manor - A,

                                                  Chandavarkar Extension Road,

                                                  Borivali (West), Mumbai 400 092

                                                  Maharashtra, India

3. Tel. No.                                  91 - 022 - 28066346

4. Mobile No.                             91 - 9820263936

5. E-mail                                   


6. Current Position                     Lecturer in Dermatology and STI

7. Education




Date of passing




University of Mumbai

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital

1st Feb 1997

5 & 1/2 years (including internship)



College of Physicians & Surgeons

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G.Hospital

18th Dec 2000

1 & 1/2 years



University of Mumbai

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G.Hospital

26th April 2001

3 years


8. Thesis                                    A study of osteoporosis in patients receiving

                                                  Steroids for skin disorder

9. Experience






Job description

Resident I

19.3.1998 - 31.1.1999

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital

To manage OPD & IPD & emergencies under seniors guidance, working in contact dermatitis clinic, Hansen & steroid follow up clinic, Dermatosurgery

Resident II

1.2.1999 - 31.1.2000

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital

*To manage OPD & IPD & emergencies independently

*In charge of Mycetoma, Alopecia, Steroid follow up clinic, HIV clinic, Dermatosurgery

Resident III

1.2.2000 - 31.12.2001

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital

*Teaching undergraduate & training of juniors

*In charge of Steroid follow up clinic, Histopathology, HIV Clinic

Post MD Registrar

1.2.2001 - 31.12.2001

R.N.Cooper Municipal Hospital

Training of juniors, To manage OPD & IPD, To manage emergencies, perform dermatosurgery (grafting for vitiligo & non healing ulcers, Acne scar surgery, Chemical peeling, Cryosurgery)


1.1.2002 - till date

L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital

*Teaching undergraduate & post graduate medical students.

*Managing OPD & IPD

*Performing & teaching dermatosurgery


*In charge of Contact Dermatitis Clinic

* In charge of immunofluorescence




10. Experience in clinical trial -

          Worked as co-ordinator in following trials

1.     Evaluation of role of apoptosis in allergic contact dermatitis in human volunteer - A pilot study

2.     To evaluate the allergic potential of cinnamic aldehyde in differently processed base of two soaps

3.     A study to evaluate the efficacy of TSBC (3.9% in a cream base) in mild acne in comparison with control and adapalene

4.     Efficacy and tolerability of clarithromycin Zn gel (1%) in patients with acne vulgaris

5.     Comparison and safety of Cefuroxime Axetil ER given once a day with conventional formulation of Cefuroxime Axetil given twice in a day in the treatment of uncomplicated skin and soft tissue infection

6.     Comparison of safety and efficacy of combination therapy (TMLK-1 tablet & TMLK-T Cream) with mono therapy TMLK-1 tablet in cases of vitiligo vulgaris

7.     Efficacy and tolerability of Cutizone-T (mometasone furoate 0.1% + Terbinafine hydrochloride 1%) cream in the treatment of dermatomycosis

   Other experience

          Co-ordinator in dermatosurgery workshop on 20th Jan 2004


11. Publication and presentation

1.     Rare forms of cutaneous tuberculosis: What's new? Oct 2003

2.     Pruritic papular eruption of HIV - A Clinicopathological study presented in National Conference of IADVL-2000

3.     Giant Melanocytic nevi - Difficulties in treating presented in CME in pediatric dermatology on 15-16th Oct 2002 in Mumbai


12. Workshops & Training Program & Conferences Attended

1.      5th Asia Pacific Environmental & Occupational Dermatology Symposium held at Mumbai on 3-5th Dec 1999

2.      28th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist & Leprologist at Bangalore on 27-30th Jan 2000

3.      Mycology 2000 National Conference & workshops at Mumbai on 12-16th Oct 2000

4.      Dermatopathology Vindaloo held at Mumbai on 21-22 Nov 2000

5.      Dermatosurgery workshop at Mumbai on 20th July 2002

6.      CME  in pediatric dermatology at Mumbai on 15-16th Jan 2003

7.      Workshop on sensitization of Municipal Health Care for street children at Mumbai on 15-16 Jan 2003

8.      Dermatopathology teaching program 'Pathology of inflammatory skin disorder' held at Mumbai on 3-4 May 2003

9.      Participated in HIV/AIDS capacity building training program for primary care provider organized by Avert Society held at Mumbai on 19 & 20th May 2003

10.  Workshop on Human genetics organized by moving academy of medicine & biomedicine & L.T.M.M.College & L.T.M.G. Hospital on July 11-12th 2003

11.  HIV/AIDS Training program conducted by Department of preventive and Social Medicine in collaboration with M.D.A.C.S from 13th to 15th 2003

12.  2nd World Congress of Cosmetic Surgery Conference at Mumbai on 26th to 28th Dec 2003

13.  Dermatopathology pre conference workshop held at Mumbai on 20-21st Jan 2004

14.  CME programme held at Mumbai on 22nd Jan 2004

15.  32nd National conference of IADVL held at Mumbai on 23-35th Jan 2004

16.  Workshop on 'Statistics in Medical Research' held at Grant Medical College Mumbai on 23rd Feb 2004


13. Extracurricular activity

-        Participated in Health camp at Dahisar on 12th April 1998

-        Participated in Arogya Maha Mela organized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Goernment of India, Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation & Indian Medical Association from 29-31st March at Dharavi, Mumbai


14. Personal information

          Age - 28 years

          Sex -  Female

          Date of Birth - 23.6.1975


15. Memberships

-        Member of Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology

-        Member of Cosmetology Society of India

-        Member of American Society of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Surgery



Dr. H.R.Jerajani    

Dr. N.D.Rajani

Dr. R.M.Shah