Past Faculty Members

      Dr. V.R.Mehta, 1st HOD

      Dr. R.G.Valia, 2nd HOD

      Dr Dinesh Deshpande

      Dr N Nagpur

      Dr Suhas Purohit

      Dr Dilip Hemady

      Dr Y M Shah

      Dr Ranjit Ranade

      Dr Ashish Sukhthanakar

      Dr Srilata Trasi

      Dr Neeta Gokhale

      Dr. S.T.Amladi

      Dr. C.S.Nayak

      Dr Sushil Tahiliani

      Dr Ameet Valia

      Dr Alwyn Rapose


Past Post graduate students with their current placement & year of passing

      Dr. Ajay Shinde, Consultant Dermatologist, Beed

      Dr. Ajit Bellare Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Amol Lohakare, Consultant paediatrician

      Dr. Anant Gaikwad,  Consultant in Bhiwandi

      Dr. Anisha Bartia Consultant in Nagpur

      Dr. Anjali Barve, Consultant in Nasik

      Dr. Anjali Shere,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Anuradha Rao, Consultant in Banglore

      Dr. Arati Tannu, Consultant in Kolhapur

      Dr. Archana Dalvi, Physician, USA

      Dr. Aruna Lala, Lecturer, Dermatology in K J Somaya Medical College, Mumbai

      Dr. Ashish Deshmukh,  Lecturer, Dermatology  in Aurangabad

      Dr. Ashok Shah,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Ashwin Kosambia,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Atul Singhania, Consultant in Akola

      Dr. Beena Vyas, Consultant in Mumbai,

      Dr. Bhavesh Swarnkar,  Consultant in Indore

      Dr. Chetan Mehta, Family physician, Mumbai

      Dr. Dilip Hemmady, HOD, Dermatology, Fujirao, UAE

      Dr. Dinesh Deshpande, Consultant in Solapur

      Dr. Gagan Gupta, Paediatrician, Indore

      Dr. Gautam Dethe,  Clinician in CAPS

      Dr. H.R.Jerajani HOD in L.T.M.M.C. & L.T.M.G.H.

      Dr. Indrakumar Shinde, Consultant Beed

      Dr. Jalpa Mehta,   Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Jaylakshmi, Based in London, Pharma Industries

      Dr. Jyotsna Joshi, Consultant in New Mumbai.

      Dr. Kaberi Som, Consultant in Thane

      Dr. Kavita Gandhi, Observer in pediatric dermatology in Australia

      Dr. Kavita Makhijani, Consultant, Australia

      Dr. Kayuum Shaikh, Consultant in Lucknow

      Dr. Lalitha Iyer -Pediatrician in America.

      Dr. Leelavati Mohite,  Consultant in New Mumbai

      Dr. Madhuri Agarwal,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Maithili Kamat,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Malvika Kohli,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Maninder Setia, Ex Project  Director of CAPS, currently in USA doing MPH.

      Dr. Manish Gautam,  Consultant in New Mumbai and Nerul

      Dr. Manisha Kemkar,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Manisha Waghdhare,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Manjyot Seth,  Lecturer in D.Y.Patil  Medical College , Nerul

      Dr. Meena Pariyani, Paediatrician, USA

      Dr. Meenakshi Narayanan,  Resident in R.N.Cooper General Hospital

      Dr. Meera Shreedhar, Consultant in Banglore

      Dr. Meghana Phiske. Lecturer in L.T.M.Medical College and General Hospital

      Dr. H Merchant,  Physician in USA

      Dr H Shetty, Family physician, Mumbai

      Dr. Minal Patwardhan,  Consultant in Dubai

      Dr. Mitsu Misrani, Consultant in UK

      Dr. Navin Modi, Consultant in Bhiwandi

      Dr. Nilesh Goyal Consultant in UK

      Dr. Nimesh Mehta,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Nina Madnani Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Niranjan Nagpur, Consultant Mumbai, HOD, Deramtology, K J Somaya Medical College

      Dr. Nitin Godbole, Family physician, USA

      Dr. Pankaj Maniar, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Poornima Rajpal, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Prajkta Pawar, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Prashasti Bhatt,  Consultant in New Mumbai

      Dr. Radha Atal, Consultant in Hyderabad

      Dr Raj Parikh,  Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Rajan T.D., Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Rajashree Bangale, Physician in USA

      Dr. Ramu Prasanna, Family Physician in Mumbai

      Dr. Ranjit Ranade, Consultant in Kolhapur

      Dr. Rekha Lanjewar, Consultant in Mumbai and Dahisar

      Dr. Rupali Nanjappa,  Consultant in Mumbai and Kalyan,

      Dr. Rustom Chinwala Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Sadhna Ramanani, Consultant, Ulhas Nagar

      Dr. Neeta Samant, Died 12 years ago

      Dr. Sangeeta Amladi, professor, BYL Nair Hospital

      Dr. Sangeeta Bhamburkar, Consultant in Akola

      Dr. Sanjay Pate, l Consultant in Godhara, Gujarat

      Dr. Santosh Shinde, Consultant in HIV/AIDS, Mumbai

      Dr. Saroj Jalan, Consultant in New Mumbai

      Dr. Seema Sainani, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Seema Satyapal - Medical Officer in Oman

      Dr. Sharad Teltumde,STI Consultant in CAPS, Mumbai

      Dr. Sheena Banerjee, Family physician, USA

      Dr. Shetty H, Family physiscian in Mumbai

      Dr. Siddhi Chikhalkar,  Consultant in Kolhapur

      Dr. Smita Chowkekar, Lecturer in L.T.M.Medical College and General Hospital

      Dr. Soniya Nirmale,   Consultant in Nagpur

      Dr. Sudhir Mamidwar,  Lecturer in Nagpur Medical College

      Dr. Suhas Purohit,  Consultant in Thane

      Dr. Sumit Kane,  Project Manager in CAPS

      Dr. Sunanda Bagulade, Associate professor, Dermatology, KEM Hospital

      Dr. Sunil Ghate consultant in Mumbai and Honorary consultant in Rajavadi Hospital.

      Dr. Supriya Shenoi, Consultant in New Mumbai

      Dr. Trupti Rajopadhye,  Lecturer in Turbhe Medical College

      Dr. Vaishali Bhandari,  Consultant in Nasik

      Dr. Vaishali Sarode, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Varsha Yadav, Consultant in Mumbai 

      Dr. Vibha Mehta, Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Vikas Sood Resident in JJ Medical college & General Hospital

      Dr. Vilas Adepu Consultant in Hydrabad.

      Dr. Vinay Gopalani  consultant in Thane

      Dr. Vishakha Kamat Consultant in Mumbai

      Dr. Vishalakshi, Associate professor in Kalwa Medical College

      Dr. Yogesh Shah,  Consultant in  Mumbai