Evaluation of safety and efficacy of topical Clarina cream in newly diagnosed an previously treated cases of acne vulgaris

      Evaluation of safety and efficacy of Purin tablets in chronic dermatitis

      A study to evaluate the efficacy of TSBC in mild acne in comparison with control and adapalene

      Evaluation of immunodiagnostics techniques in the detection of mycobacteria in the diagnosis of cutaneous tuberculosis

      Indirect immunofluorescence in prognosis of pemphigus

      Steroid-induced osteoporosis

      Study of cutaneous tuberculosis and response to anti-TB treatment

      Herpes virus infection presentations and KAP study

      Epidemiology of alopecia cases with particular reference to alopecia areata

      Efficacy/tolerability of oxceonazole nitrate in tinea corporis, cruris

      Comparison of mometasone Vs. fluticasone in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

      Oral minipulse therapy versus daily steroids in management of severe alopecia areata

      Utility of dermatosurgical techniques in vitiligo

      Efficacy of antidandruff shampoo in dandruff

      Auromine - Rhodamin staining for tuberculosis on fine needle aspiration cytology.  Co-investigator with Department of Pathology

      Evaluation and comparison of efficacy of clarithromycin Zn with clarithromycin in acne

      Evaluation of efficacy & safety of clarithromycin Gel 1% versus clindamycin gel 1% in treatment of acne vulgaris

      Clinico-histopathological correlation in cases of leprosy

      A clinical trial for dermashield barrier cream

      A clinical trial of FAS - 3 kits in vaginitis

      Comparison of Anthralin in a paraffin base v/s liposomal base in chronic plaque type psoriasis

      Serum Biotinidase level in patients with alopecia

      Mapping up of treated leprosy patients to detect morbidity of the disease

      A comparative trial of ROM & multidrug paucibacillary treatment in paucibacillary leprosy patients with 1-3 lesions

      Psychosexual and clinical profile of street children in relation to sexually transmitted infections and HIV

      Retrospective analysis of long term follow up of pemphigus and bullous pemphigoid patients

      Kerodex - 71 barrier cream for cases of occupational dermatoses

      Flutibact for testing effectiveness and safety assessment during actual usage.

      Efficacy & safety of calm cream in psoriasis & leg ulcers

      Prevalence of antigliadin antibodies in patients with vitiligo and psoriasis

      Clinician on evaluation of efficacy of cosmetic ingredient in acne trial

      Behavioral intervention male STD patient's CAPS LTMG hospital project: Collaborative project with center for AIDS prevention studies Sanfransisco, California and Department of Dermatology, LTMG Hospital

      Study of STDs including HIV among MSM in Mumbai MDACS project

      A pilot study of efficacy of intravenous Immunoglobulins as steroid sparing agent in pemphigus vulgaris

      To study the role of erythropoetin levels and its correlation with anaemia in HIV/AIDS patients

      Evaluation of role of apoptosis in allergic contact dermatitis in human volunteers - a pilot study

      Comparison of immunodiagnostics and chemical modalities in early diagnosis and monitoring of pemphigus vulgaris and related conditions


SRS Trials:

      Acetretin in psoriasis - an open prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of acetretin in moderate and severe psoriasis

      Comparison of the efficacy and safety of Cefuroxime Axetil ER given once a day with conventional formulation of Cefuroxime Axetil given twice a day in the treatment of uncomplicated skin and soft tissue infection

      Comparison of safety and efficacy of combination therapy TMLK - 1(Tablet) & (TMLK - T (Cream) with monotherapy TMLK - 1 (Tablet) in cases of vitiligo vulgaris

Other Projects:

      Role of oral ivermectin in scabies

      Utility of ketoconazole in seborreihc dermatitis

      Contact hypersensitivity of topical medicaments

      Utility of phototrichogram in diffuse alopecia

      Efficacy of 10% KOH in molluscum contagiosum in children

      Efficacy of topical tazarotene in psoriasis acne

      Footcare cream in fissured skin disorders

      Role of Tacrolimus 0.03% in atopic dermatitis

      Trial of Bauchi oil preparation in vitiligo vulgaris