Dr. Anil G. Tendolkar



1       Professor

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at L T M G Hospital, Sion, Mumbai

From 1" February 1999 till today.

[MRC/8794/FS dated 25/01/99 ; GHC/31 IS dt 29/1/99]

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at K.EM Hospital.Mumbai, From

22/11/1989 to 3Ul/1999 (9yr 2mnths)

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2       Reader

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital from 17* June 1983 to

22nd November 1989. (6yr 5months)[MPSC, BM 13(9) 76/X dated 2674/1983]


3       Tutor

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital from 9th January 1981

to 16th June 1983. (2yr 5months)


4       Resident

Registrar: CVT Surgery       KEN Hospital    1/3/1980- 8/1/1981

Registrar Gen. Surgery       K.E.M. Hospital.    1/4/1979-29/2/1980

House Officer: ENT Surgery K.E.M. Hospital    1/9/1978-31/3/1979

House Officer: CVT Surgery K.E.M. Hospital   1/2/1978-31/8/1978

House Officer Gen. Surgery K.E.M. Hospital     1/8/77-31/1/1978

House Officer Ortho Surgery  K.E.M. Hospital    1/2/1977-31/7/1977       tenths


5       Internship:

Rotating Intern at K.E.M. Hospital and Bhabha Hospital from November 1975 to

November 1976.

Teacher appointment: University of Bombay PO/3866 of 85 dated 10/8/85ferwarded through Dean PG/ 3847, GST/Vi 361 of 23/8/85 on 18/11/1985

Date of Joining Municipal Service: 9/1/81 as Tutor in Cardiovascular Thoracic surgery, at KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai-22

Employee Code number: 7002906

Paysheet Code U-6911



Secondary School Certificate: (June 1969) Aggregate 75%

Pre-med Course First Year: (June 1970) Passed at first attempt from Bombay University. Distinction in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Pre-med Course Second Year: (June 1971) Passed at first attempt from Bombay University. Distinction in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

M.B.B.S.: (November 1975) Passed at first attempt from Bombay University 1" yr Oct 72,2"* yr-April 74,3" yr- Oct 75)

M.S. (General Surgery): (November 1979) Passed at first attempt with third rank from Bombay University.( cert /224/1980)

M.S. (Cardio thoracic Surgery): (November 1981) Passed at first attempt with first  rank from Bombay University (cert/158r4/1981)



Co-investigator in Indian Council of Medical Research Project on "STUDY OF HYPERTROPHED HEART IN MAN AND ANIMALS”

Pain relief in post OPCAB patients

Anti thymolytic serum

OPCAB and myocardial enzyme release



Total Experience of over 20,000 operations (Independently operating, assisting senior surgeons and supervising junior trainees).

At KEM for the last 10 year we were performing over 1500 procedures a year and at LTMG hospital, we are performing over 450 open hearts and more than 350 closed heart Operations a year, since l999.

1.    Open Heart Surgeries:      

-Coronary artery bypass grafting, OPCAB

-Closure of VSDs, ASDs

-Intracardiac repair of TOF, TAPVC, A-V Canal, Ebstein's Anomaly, Ruptured sinus of Valsalva, c-TGA

-Senning's Operation, Fontan procedure, Extra cardiac Fontan

-OMC, MVR, AVR, DVR, TVR, Mitral valve repairs

-Redo midline valvular and congenital heart surgeries

-Aortic aneurysm surgeries (Ascending/Arch/Descending)

2.     Closed Heart Surgeries:

-Closed Mitral Commissurotonnes

-Off pump Coronary artery bypass grafting

-B.T. Shunt, PDA Closure, PA Banding

-Repair of Coarctation of Aorta

3.     Lung Surgeries:                 


-Segmentectomy, Decortication, Thoracoplasty

4.     Vascular Surgeries:            

-Bypass procedures like Aorto-bifemoral, Ilio-femoral,

-Fernoro-femoral, Femoro-tibial etc.

-Femoral and Brachia! embolectomies

-Abdominal Aortic Surgeries



Total Teaching Experience: 24 years

1.     Bombay University Teacher for M.Ch in Cardio thoracic Surgery since November 1985.

2.     Guide to M.Sc (Nursing) students of S.N.D.T. University since June 1987.

3.     Honorary teacher to B.Sc (Nursing) students of S.N.D.T. University since June 1984.

4.     Honorary teacher to the students of 'Certificate course in Nursing' of Maharashtra State Nursing Council since 1979.

5.     Organizing Secretary and Faculty member of 'Certificate course in Extacorporeal Perfusion technology', conducted at KEM hospital, between 1985-99.

6.     National Coordinator for Perfusion training course of IACTS since February 1995.



Life member of:

1.     Associations of Surgeons of India.

2.     Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of India.

3.     Cardiological Society of India.






Represented college in 1969 and 1970.




Actively participating and directing dramas since school. Have

represented the medical college at university level and have won prizes. Author of a number of one act plays .two have won awards for writing




Have represented school at inter-school level and have won prizes.


Indian Classical Music


Can sing and appreciate classical Indian music.

Play 'Sitar'.

Have represented the college in "vocal music" at the university level in 1969 and 1973.

Life member of Dadar Matunga Cultural Center.


Jr. Naval NCC


between 1965-68. Cadet P.O. in 1968 attended two camps




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