Dr. Pramod W. Ingale

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Educational Qualification
: M.D.(Biochemistry).


Designation                      : Associate Professor.


Teaching Experience       :  Undergraduate – 13 years.

                                              Postgraduate – 3 years.


Research Experience : a.    Research guide for M.Sc. degree course in the subject of Biochemistry affiliated to   Mumbai university.

                                             b. Number of students who completed dissertations for M.Sc. by papers : 4   


Area of interest :            a.      Biochemical study of Renal Failure

           b.   Quality Assurance in Clinical biochemistry              laboratory 


Project completed in 2004 :


Study of certain acute phase proteins in patients suffering from chronic renal failure.


Ongoing research project:


Study of nitrogen balance and acute phase proteins in prognosis of patients with traumatic injuries