Dr.( Mrs.) Padma R. Chavan.

Designation :- Associate Professor.

Teaching Experience :-  i) Undergraduate – 26 yrs & 8 mths.

                                                  ii) Post graduate – 19 yrs.

Research Experience :-

i) Recognized research guide for   M.Sc. by papers in Biochemistry in        

   Mumbai University.

ii) No.of students who completed  dissertations for M.Sc. by paper:   13.

iii)  Recent dissertations ( 2004 ):- Effect of urinary levels of calcium

       and citrate on urolithiasis.

-Urinary enzymes status in renal transplant patients a pilot case                                                control

 iv) Areas of research of interest      Prostate cancer

·           Renal transplant

·           Urolithiasis.

v) Thesis completed

1) Biochemical studies in diseases of the prostate gland.

   Student: Miss Anusha Srinivasan.   Passed in Jan 2004.

2) Biochemical studies of tubular   dysfunction in Nephrotic syndrome.

     Student: Mr. Sushant V. Chavan  passed in Dec 2003.

vi) Projects undertaken: 1)Erythrocyte Acetyl Cholinesterase in

      hirschspremgs disease (1994-1996).    funded by SRS.

2) Diagnostic utility of serum PSA in prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasms 

      (PIN) cases. Funded by SRS(1997-2000).

3) Trial of Complete Androgen Blockade in prostate cancer.                              Funded by SRS(1999-2002).

vii) Area of current research:Markers of renal transplant rejection.

1)             Prostate Cancer.

viii) Publication: Beyond Dyslipidemia in hypertension.

Dr.P.R.Chavan & M.E.Yeolekar.

Ind.J.Hypertension Vol 5 : 39,Jan-2001.