Dr. Neela Patil, Prof. and Head.


  1. Teaching Experence;- 32 years, 5 years as lecturer, 17 years as Assoc. cardium with help of certain biochemical parameters during induction of blood cardioplegia in open heart surgery
  2. Study of lysosomal enzymes from leukocytes in pediatric age group and chorionic villi sampling
  3. Some biochemical observation with reference to oxidative profile in various diseased conditions
  4. Studies on the effects of medroxyprogesterone acetate and levonorgestrel plus ethinyl estradiol on intestinal digestive function with regards to enzyme activities.
  5. Biochemical studies in various disorders:- H.T.,IDDM ,NIDDM.
  6. Study of lysosomal enzymes in mucopolysaccharoidoses
  7. Study of nitrates, nitrites and antioxidants in various disorders.


Ph.D; Project title:

  1. Study of some biochemical parameters in various types of exercise in normal subjects & in clinical conditions.
  2. Some biochemical investigations to assess myocardial status during cardioplegic arrest and reperfusion and study of Troponin T
  3. Estimation of protein components and other biochemical parameters of human Follicular fluid and serum
  4. Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of some metabolic disorders and prenatal detection of neural tube defects using biochemical methods
  5. Biochemical studies in Statin treatment:-



Ongoing Projects:

  1. Study of some biochemical markers to assess a myocardial injury during and after Off-Pump CABG and Valve replacement Surgery.
  2. Blood Lactate levels during Cardiopulmonary bypass for valvular Heart surgery.
  3. Mitochondrial Function in Damaged Human Mitral Valve.
  4. Morphological changes in human mitral valve defect by using Electron Microscopy.
  5. Antioxidant status in cardiovascular diseases
  6. Study of Free Radicals and Isoprenoids in Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes.



·           Areas of Interest:-

Ø    1) Biochemistry of Atherosclerosis

Ø    2) Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis

Ø    3) Mitochondrial enzymes

Ø    4) Lysosomal enzymes

Ø    5) Biochemical changes in cardiovascular surgery

Ø    6) Oxidative stress and Antioxidants

 Co curricular Activities:-

·           1)Editor, ‘Arogya,’ ‘KALNIRNAY’ calendar, dedicated to health related topics

·           2) Coordinator, ‘Maitri’ activity of students and teachers in LTMMC

·           3) Coordinator, Marathi Wangmay Mandal,LTMMC

·            4)Convener, Common Journal for Medical Colleges in Mumbai.The Journal was implemented in 2001 and used till date

Convener Question Bank in Biochemistry .Questions were invited from Medical Colleges all over Maharastra

           Submitted to MUHS in May 2002.

Research Publications:-

1.   Proximate principle and energy content of human milk in well-nourished mothers. Indian Pediatrics 26:1211,1989

2.   Study of physical characters of human milk. Pediatric Clinics of India 31(1):42-50,1996

3.   Determination of Ayurvedic Constitution by a newly developed marking system. Deerghayu International 12(3): 3-6,1996.

4.   Self actualization and practice of Yoga

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6.   Glutaric aciduria Type-I associated with Learning Disability (In Press) Indian Journal of Pediatrics

7.   Blood Lactate level during cardiopulmonary bypass for valvular Heart surgery. (In Press) Annals Cardiac Anesthesia.

8.   The serial estimation of serum lactate, pyruvate and base deficit in Trauma patients with hypovolaemic shock: indicator of adequate resuscitation and management.

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9)Wolmans Disease in an Indian patient

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