PhotoBooth: Use It Wisely And Flourish Your Business

Technological advancement has made traditional photographer with film camera evolve into a professional photographer who handles not just camera and film, but a variety of technological equipment. The smartphone era had seen noticeable changes in photo taking and sharing.

Corporates invest a hefty lot in conducting events, let it be big or small, a product launch, exhibition or award function, the event should be noticed, not only by the invitees, but also by a whole lot in the community across the globe. That is best accomplished by the social media- yet another gift of technological advancement. Social media is a perfect tool in squeezing the juice out of an event.

Photobooth have been an integral part of corporate events with its highlighted features of being fun, at the same time a great marketing tool. Corporate event moments are vital before, during and after the function. Below mentioned are few simple steps in getting the most out of a Photo booth from corporate events.

  • Give an early start, getting in touch with your guests over social media, even asking opinions on themes etc. or updating them on their friends who are attending the event.
  • Instead of networking without a base, know which all networking sites are best for you and work on it.
  • There is no limit for fun. You could do a photo competition from choosing the best out of all hashtag photos from the booth.
  • Chatting is a good way, bug don’t get carried away. Keep it conversational with questions and answers, before the event and during it.
  • Your social activity is considered a success depending on the number of tags you get from your guests.
  • Give awareness on the uses of various social media sites. There are many of them like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. not all your guests will be aware of all of it. A little bit of detail in the form of instructions through various ways would reap benefits.
  • Always keep an open eye towards comments and responses and give instant reply. Never let an inactivity spoil your reputation.
  • Sharing must be sensible. Not all photos need to go online. Get the cream out and share it.
  • Companies that have booths will instantly post photos online to give a live update to all its audiences.
  • Companies have to stay in touch with their guests even after the function by their feedback, comment etc. They can even be awarded photos or materials that will bring your guests back to you.

Let it be any industry; fashion, cosmetics, textile or even real estate; keep your minds open to best ways of making use of the events. Photobooths reap benefits like an online ad. So its share on your wellbeing is commendable. It is simple, easy and fun way to get your guests attached to you as well as to get others to know and start being in touch with you. Photo booths are connected to both direct and indirect reputation of your company. So there’s no waiting or wasting..

T-shirt Printing Is An Art Which Needs A High Level Of Skill And Expertise

Taking the skill of printing from the computer screen to a fabric can be a real challenge. To create the best design while maintaining cheap T-shirt printing is the work of graphic designers who have an eye for detailing. This profession needs creativity and skill for one to survive. It is the game of the mind. If your brain can conceive a pattern, getting it on a shirt can be done with the right amount of knowledge and experience. However printing on a piece of cloth is technically different than printing on paper and there are various elements that one needs to check for.

Translating your work from a screen to a fabric has a set of limitations and needs to be considered. The print process, the texture of the surface, the ink used in printing and the elasticity of the material plays a major role in the final output and needs to be dealt with carefully when designing on a fabric.

Custom shirts are used both for indoor and outdoor wear and in varied climatic conditions. They are cleaned in household washing machines and go through a rigorous drying process in dryers. It is thus important that a brand which sells quality material of these t- shirts keep this point in mind and make the colour on the fabric fast so that it does not fade away or get messy due to regular wear and cleaning. One needs to choose the right fabric and the right ink to design on the t-shirts so that it lasts for long. A graphic designer and a printer need to work together and in coordination so that both are aware of the challenges faced in the process. Understanding the obstacles faced by each of them in the printing process can help them find a solution and thus improve on the quality of the finished product.